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  Learning and Emotion

 Gifted and Uniquely Gifted

 Technology and Learning

Katharina Boser's Presentation on Walking the Path with the exceptional Learner (2011) Walking the Path with the Twice exceptional Learner

link to Katharina's Emotions and Learning presentation (from 2009)and websites and book cites on learning and emotions (includes Fat City-R. Lavoie links)


See link to twice exceptionality and GT/LD onHttp://hoagiesgifted.com

one of the best sites that is constantly updated with great information, activities and ideas for your kids.. They list all upcoming conferences on Gifted or 2E on their site.

See also http://2enewsletter.com for all upcoming events/conferences and relevant research.

 Link to Katharina's list of technology learning websites (This will take you to many more sites including apps for ipad/ipod)

Second list of technology sites 

Page of links to Articles and Video (and sites) related to Learning with a Disability (from CHADD 2010)

Conference on Learning and Emotion: sensationandemotion

 http://sengifted.org ('senginars") 

For best blog on 2E kids go to http://eidesneurolearningblog.blogspot.com

 great site for all the updated research on creativity, and brain science around different ways of learning 

Blog/website for great updated information relevant to 2E kids and homeschooling: http://uniquelygifted.org

 Conference on Teaching and Learning, sponsored by WGBH, New York:

http://celebrationofteachingandlearning.org  this conference provides a little something for everyone. Great place to learn about all kinds of new tips/tricks related to technology but also emotional learning and best practices for the classroom. Innovative schools like 'all digital' http://q2l.org present here.

Wonderful site that celebrates creativity and difference--(managed by Doug Eby) http://talentdevelop.org 

National Association of Gifted Children


National Society for Gifted Teachers http://NSGT.org and
AEGUS (Association for the Education of Gifted Underachievers) http://aegus1.org

Maryland's Technology Integration Group.  

Conduct a yearly technology for the classroom conference and summer sessions. Many nationally recognized speakers, including Cheryl Lemke from Metirigroup.



Maryland's Gifted Teaching Consortium


Local Conference for Teachers on Innovative Technologies for the Classroom: free resources, Columbia, Maryland




International Society for Technology in Education  National technology for Educators conference. see also the istelearning site.



 Schools Moving UP free webinars: see archives as well --Many tools and tips on different teaching topics.



 Ongoing Seminars and Information about Technology for struggling students at: